David Thomas : Discographie


cover The Sound Of The Sand

The Sound Of The Sound (1981)

cover Variations On A Theme

Variations On A Theme (1983)

cover Winter Comes Home

Winter Comes Home (1983)

cover More Places Forever

More Places Forever (1985)

cover Monster Walks The Winter Lake

Monster Walks The W... (1986)

cover Blame The Messenger

Blame The Messenger (1987)

cover Erewhon

Erewhon (1996)

cover Mirror Man

Mirror Man (1999)

cover Bay City

Bay City (2000)

cover Surf's Up

Surf's Up (2001)

cover 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest

18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest (2004)

Simples (Singles)

cover Vocal Performances

Vocal Performances (1981)

cover West Side Story

West Side Story (1982)

cover Didn't have a very good time

Didn't Have A Very Good Time (1983)

pochette Master Of The Universe

Master Of The Universe (2018)

Coffret, compilations, promos, participations, etc...

cover Monster

Monster (1997)

cover Meadville

Meadville (1997)

Musique Action

Divers (Various Artists)

Hat Shoes



Three Things

Three Things (2007)

A Map Only Tells Me What I Already Know

A Map Only Tells Me ... (2008)

The Accordion Club

The Accordion Club (2008)

Ghost Line Diary

Ghost Line Diary (2009)

Atom Mind

Atom Mind (2009)

Mirror Man Act 2

Mirror Man Act 2 (2009)

Let's Visionate!

Let's Visionate! (2009)

How's Things in Your Town

How's Things in Your T.. (2010)

I Remember Mars

I Remember Mars (2010)

DT & The Holy Soul

& The Holy Soul (2011)

Brunswick Parking Lot

Brunswick Parking Lot (2012)

A Free Man

A Free Man (2012)

A Free Man

Disastohouse 001 (2013)

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